Xbox Game Pass Surprise Confirms Another October Game

Xbox Game Pass subscribers already had several games to look forward to this month with Xbox confirming a couple of additions for the first few weeks of October, but ahead of the announcement for the month's second wave, we've gotten a surprise confirmation of another game. Publisher Devolver Digital announced this week that Phantom Abyss, a game that's been on Steam in early access for a while now, will soon be available on Xbox platforms and as part of the Xbox Game Pass collection on October 20th.

The announcement was shared via the Devolver Digital socials through things like the YouTube video below that showed off some Phantom Abyss gameplay which consists of traps, obstacles, and treasures hidden within the labyrinth-like temples. It's a multiplayer game as well where players see the phantoms of those who attempted the temples before them so that players can perhaps learn from mistakes made by others.

"Phantom Abyss is a massive asynchronous multiplayer game that casts players into procedurally-generated temples and tasks them with retrieving the sacred relics hidden within deadly chambers," a preview of the game said. "Intrepid adventurers will dodge scores of hidden traps, leap treacherous chasms, and flee relentless guardians through branching paths until one of the relics are claimed or the devices of death overwhelm them. Be warned, you only get one attempt at each temple and failure or settling for a lesser relic means you will never see that temple again..."

On Steam, the game currently goes for $24.99, so skipping that barrier of entry and getting to play right away on October 20th if you're an Xbox Game Pass subscriber isn't a bad deal at all.

This new addition is just the latest of several bits of good news for Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Another was the confirmation that a recently added game, Chivalry 2had added half a million extra players to its ranks after coming to Xbox Game Pass. Just this week, Xbox Game Pass subscribers also got another day-one release for a horror game called Scorn which is only on Xbox consoles and on Pc.