Xbox Live Is Down (Again), Microsoft Is Working On a Fix

Yesterday, a massive amount of players were reporting Xbox Live issues -- some of which resulted in blacked out screen that many feared meant their console bricked. Luckily, yesterday's chaos was fixed after a few hours, though it looks like that peace was short-lived.

Amidst the rising number of issues, the Xbox Support Twitter has officially provided an update on what's going on:

"Good morning everyone. We see your reports regarding downloading errors on Xbox One," reads the above Twitter post. "The good news is our engineers have already been working to investigate and resolve these errors. Keep an eye on our our feed & Service Status page for further updates."

While yesterday's issues were awful, today's looks more focused on downloads than the inability to access any of the Live features. The core services such as signing in all seem to be functional, whereas today's issues focuses more on downloading anything digital, purchasing items, and redeeming codes. If you wanted to be notified as soon as these bugs are addressed, you can put in your information here to stay up-to-date on recent alerts.


Luckily, Microsoft has shared that their engineers are on the case, so we are hoping for a fix soon.