Xbox Is Reportedly Still Holding an Event at the End of March

We've been hearing for weeks now that Xbox is potentially planning to hold some sort of event [...]

We've been hearing for weeks now that Xbox is potentially planning to hold some sort of event during this month. And while the console manufacturer already held a presentation of sorts today to officially announce the addition of Bethesda to Xbox Game Studios, it sounds like the one that could be happening in a few weeks will be focused on games releasing this year.

The latest information comes by way of Windows Central which has said that Xbox is still looking to hold a presentation on the final full week of the month. Rather than potentially doing this event on the 23rd, which is the date that we had heard floating about previously, this new report says that Xbox is looking to show its hand on Friday, March 26. As for what Xbox could show off at this time, well, that's where the details get thin. The report in question doesn't commit to anything beyond the notion that games releasing in 2021 will likely appear.

When it comes to its own first-party studios, Xbox only has two major releases lined up for this year with Halo Infinite and Psychonauts 2. Assuming that this event does transpire, it would make sense to see either of these games show up. That being said, Xbox could also be sitting on some pretty big secrets in regards to the remainder of this year. In fact, only a few days ago, Xbox's Jason Ronald said on a podcast that there are still multiple projects arriving this year that haven't been revealed. Whether or not these titles are of the first or third-party variety wasn't said, but either way, it tells us that we should expect a whole lot more from Xbox as the year advances.

If this reported event does end up happening as soon as we're being led to believe, we should hear something quite soon from Xbox directly. And if or when that transpires, we'll be sure to update you here on

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