Xbox Boss Phil Spencer Comments on Nintendo Switch Mystery

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has become well-known within the past year for teasing certain [...]

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has become well-known within the past year for teasing certain announcements ahead of time by placing corresponding items on a set of shelves that reside in his home. For example, before Microsoft ever formally revealed the Xbox Series S, Spencer actually had the console displayed in clear view on his shelf, but no one ever ended up noticing it. Since this time, fans have started to take note of the things that Spencer displays behind him to see if they could contain future teases as well.

Well, not too long ago, theories began circling that Xbox could have something major in the works with Nintendo after Spencer began displaying a Nintendo Switch behind him. Now, months after this was first recognized, Spencer himself has now commented on the matter and has revealed the mystery behind it.

Speaking on the Kinda Funny Gamescast, Spencer was asked about the Switch that he has sitting on his shelf and was questioned on whether or not it could be teasing something that may involve Nintendo. Rather than this being a tease of something for the future, Spencer simply said that the Switch itself was a gift from those at Nintendo. For those unaware, Nintendo and Xbox's offices are actually quite close to one another in Washington. As such, Spencer said that the handheld platform was given to him when the platform first launched back in 2017.

Spencer went on to say that he actually has his own Nintendo Switch that he plays from time to time, but this one that sits behind him apparently isn't used. Instead, it's just supposed to serve as a reminder of the friends that Spencer has over at Nintendo.

While this answer might not be the one that some fans wanted to hear, it's still refreshing to see Spencer be so supportive of other console manufacturers. Even though some might always pit Xbox, Nintendo, and PlayStation against one another, Spencer has consistently tried to champion gaming as a whole. As such, it's not all that shocking to see him tipping his hat to Nintendo in this manner by displaying a Switch.

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