Xbox One Issues Are Still Affecting Party Chat, Possibly Other Services

Several days after problems with some of Xbox Live’s services on the Xbox One were reported, [...]

Several days after problems with some of Xbox Live's services on the Xbox One were reported, players are still experiencing issues when trying to chat in parties while others say they're having problems elsewhere. Microsoft's support page for Xbox that provides info on the status of all Xbox-related operations was updated ahead of the start of the weekend to tell players about the issues affecting party chat, but no further updates have been given in the past few days with the problems remaining unfixed.

If you've been experiencing problems with your Xbox One – specifically when trying to chat with friends – in the past few days, the Xbox support page might have an explanation for you. Unfortunately, it won't have an answer for the problem since the page currently only says that the Xbox team believes it's identified the issue. A description of the affected services says that players might experience problems with the system's party chat feature where they're disconnected suddenly.

"Experiencing disconnections from Party Chat on Xbox One?" the Xbox support page read. "We're currently working with the proper folks to have this addressed. Please stand by for further updates."

That's all the actual support page had to say on March 14th, but an update on March 15th that was shared on Twitter said the team was still tracking down a fix for the problem. Taking a look at the replies to that tweet shows people reporting other issues are being affected such as the ability to download products, use services like Netflix, or connect to Xbox Live at all in addition to the party chat problems. It could be that the issues have advanced or are not just limited to party chat, though it's also quite possibly these players' problems could be caused by other issues.

The Xbox One problems came at a frustrating time for many players not only because they occurred right at the start of the weekend but also because they're happening on the launch weekend for The Division 2. Ubisoft's game technically released several days before March 15th for those who got the premium versions of the game, but it's most active launch happened amid the Xbox One issues. Some people trying to play it on that console have likely experienced those problems, though our review suggests that party chat problems or not, The Division 2 is going to keep you occupied and entertained throughout the whole game.