Xbox One S Price Cut Will Only Last For A Limited Time

E3 2017 has turned out to be a great time for deal hunters, with Sony’s Days of Play sale [...]

(Photo: Microsoft)

E3 2017 has turned out to be a great time for deal hunters, with Sony's Days of Play sale chopping prices on hardware and numerous games, and Microsoft knocking down the price of an Xbox One S.

When we first reported Microsoft was cutting the price of an Xbox One by $50, some questions remained. Would this include all Xbox One bundles? And would the price cut be a permanent thing? Sony's $50 PS4 price cut is a limited-time deal during the Days of Play event, so is the Xbox One cut is just a competition thing?

Turns out it is. According to the official Microsoft Xbox site, the $50 price drop is for "a limited time only." Microsoft doesn't say when the deal ends, although Sony's PS4 price drop expires on June 17. Expect something similar from Microsoft.

Microsoft's website also shows what you'll be paying for various bundles. The Xbox One's price varies depending on what the system's bundled with, whether you're getting a 500GB or 1TB model, and if it's a special edition. You can now get Battlefield 1, Forza Horizon 3, and Gears of War 4 500GB Xbox One bundles for $250, while 1TB bundles with those same games cost $300. Unfortunately, the only thing not on sale is the Minecraft 500GB bundle, which already costs only $250. I suppose Microsoft decided $200 was too low to go.

Microsoft's big E3 2017 briefing kicks off today at 2pm PT. Maybe the company will let us know how long the Xbox One sale will last then. Word is, the show will run nearly 100 minutes, so they could probably fit it in.

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