Xbox Series X Fans Demand Change to Console Following Update

A new improvement to the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles was quietly made this week. That said, it's not the improvement many Xbox fans have been yearning for Microsoft to make. If you missed the update that may be because it's not been rolled out to everyone one yet. As Xbox's Larry Hryb notes over on Twitter, the change is only live on a "subset of Xbox consoles." If you're one of these consoles you'll notice the console search page has been tweaked to include a new look and new functionality. 

"Starting to roll out today to a subset of Xbox consoles – you will be able to discover a refresh of the console search page," says Hryb. "This includes a sleek new look, gallery-style results, visible filter categories navigable with RB/LB, the option to 'search on YouTube' within the Movies & TV tab, and more."

This would be bigger news if the change was live for everyone, and if it was a change fans have been desperate to see implemented, but it's not. It's a nice qualify-of-life feature, but fans want to see the dashboard changed. That's right, just like throughout the Xbox One generation, Xbox fans are desperate to see Microsoft imrpove the dashboard of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. In fact, a majoityr of the replies to the tweet from Hryb relaying the new update are about dashboard changes.

Unfortunately, the console's dashboard needs a complete overhaul, and it's unlikely to get one for a variety of reasons. What the dashboard does have going for it is the 4K visuals and the fact that the PS5 dashboard isn't any better. While the PS4 dashboard was universally praised, Sony completely changed it and made a far inferior design with the PS5. Interestingly enough, Xbox Series X took the opposite approach, copying the dashboard and UI of the Xbox One. 

As always, feel free to weigh in with your own opinion via the comments section. What do you think of the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S dashboard? Does it need to be overhauled, slightly tweaked, or is it fine the way it is?