Xbox One X Won't Be Held Back by Lack of First Party Games, Says 'The Astronauts' Developer

The Xbox One X came out of the gates swinging by boasting its power that gamers can experience. [...]


The Xbox One X came out of the gates swinging by boasting its power that gamers can experience. Claiming to be the "most powerful console" on the market, many have wondered if that really means what it's supposed to, especially when comparing the Xbox One's first party line-up compared to the PlayStation 4.

There is no doubt about it that the latest console is impressive. That being said, the games that come out for the "most powerful console" are also being released on the Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles. Some fans are saying that this move will limit the Xbox One X's true potential and ultimately hold it back. In a recent interview with GamingBolt, the Adrian Chmielarz politely disagreed.

Cmielarz hails from The Astronauts, the team behind The Vanishing of Ethan Carter title, and he had this to say about exclusives and their impact on the latest hardware:

"Honestly, no. Most games can scale down from Xbox One X to Xbox One, e.g. by using LOD on characters earlier, having lower res, using simpler path-finding, etc. I've never seen a game that couldn't be done on a weaker version of the current gen console," he told the site.

"Let's not forget that in you really want to unleash XOX, you need to go 4K or at least use some spectacular upscale from a HD+ resolution. Meaning you already get a performance hit, possibly bringing you almost back on par with the regular XBO with 1080p."

It makes sense, but this is the age of criticism and skepticism, though Xbox head Phil Spencer has been making leaps and bounds to change that. From continuing to fight for cross-platform play, to making moves for a stronger JRPG presence on the console, fans of Xbox definitely are in good hands with Spencer as he continues to bring the focus back to gaming. Years prior, the company fell away from the system's true purpose, but it's evident that this wayward direction is continuing to be a focus for correction.