Xbox Reportedly Announcing Two Big New Games Tomorrow

According to reputable industry insider, Daniel Ahmad, Microsoft's X019 event tomorrow is going to pack in a ton of Xbox One news and provide a glimpse of what the future of the Xbox brand looks like. While Microsoft has already confirmed there will be no Xbox Scarlett news shared, according to the aforementioned insider, the event will have multiple 2020 release dates for already announced games, like Minecraft Dungeons, Bleeding Edge, and Wasteland 3. Meanwhile, new IP from Obsidian, the developer who just recently put out The Outer Worlds, and Rare, the team that put out Sea of Thieves last year. And of course, there will be some surprises as well.

"XO19 is worth watching tomorrow if you’re a fan of Xbox Game Studios," said Ahmad on Twitter. "The event will have solid 2020 release dates for XGS games like Bleeding Edge, Minecraft Dungeons, and Wasteland 3. New IP from Obsidian and Rare. A shadow drop. Plus much more."

In a follow-up tweet, Ahmad clarified that the shadow drop isn't actually a shadow drop, and is rather Age of Empires 2: Definitive Edition, which we already knew about. That said, Xbox Game Pass will be a big part of the show as well, so expect announcements on this front. Meanwhile, Ahmad teases that Xbox Game Studios will have roughly six games releasing next year prior to Xbox Scarlett hitting.


As always, take this with a grain of salt like you would any unofficial information. That said, Ahmad has an excellent track record and usually doesn't throw teases around willy-nilly.