New Xbox Series X Console and Controller Leaked

Microsoft is gearing up to release a big overhaul of the Xbox Series X.

A new model of Microsoft's Xbox Series X console has been leaked alongside a new controller that will pair with the hardware. During the Xbox One era, Microsoft ended up releasing two mid-generation refresh consoles with the Xbox One X and Xbox One S. Both platforms were a bit different than the original Xbox One model, with the Xbox One X boasting quite a bit of increased power. Now, it looks like Microsoft is planning a similar strategy with the Xbox Series X, although this new iteration of the hardware will be a bit different than fans might have expected. 

Spotted in a number of leaked documents that have been made public in the wake of Microsoft's battle against the FTC, the first look at this new Xbox Series X platform has been shown off. Codenamed "Brooklin," this new Xbox Series X is said to boast the same power as the current model. The biggest difference, though, is that the platform will now be all digital, much like the Xbox Series S. This means that physical discs will not be usable with the hardware. Outside of this change, the form factor of the Xbox Series X has also now been tweaked and is cylindrical rather than being cube-like. 

You can get a look at these new images of the Xbox Series X console in the tweet below:

Outside of this new Xbox Series X console, Microsoft also happens to have leaked its early plans for its next major Xbox console. Details on this front are still incredibly sparse, but it looks as though Microsoft is doubling-down on Cloud technologies when it comes to its design of the new Xbox. Beyond this, Microsoft also seems to broadly be planning for a 2028 release window for its next-gen console. Whether or not this strategy changes in the years to come isn't known, but it's obvious that Microsoft already has a lot planned for the future. 

New Xbox Series X Controller


As mentioned, this substantial Xbox leak has also shown off a new controller that will seemingly come with the updated Xbox Series X. This controller, codenamed Sebile, features a vast number of improvements that make it more similar to PlayStation's DualSense controller for PS5. Specifically, this new model is said to contain haptic feedback, an accelerometer, and quieter thumbsticks. Microsoft notes that the controller's build has also been improved quite a bit, which will give it added longevity. 

This new Xbox controller is actually a pretty big deal given that Microsoft didn't tweak its controller much at all in the jump from Xbox One to Xbox Series X/S. While there have been "Elite" versions of the Xbox controller in the past, Sebile seems to bring a slew of highly-requested features to the Xbox ecosystem. Whether or not Microsoft will choose to address any of these leaks isn't currently known, but it's likely that we'll hear more about Brooklin and Sebile in the months and years to come.