Xbox Series X Demo Shows Off Loading Times and New "Quick Resume" Feature

Video games have come a long way, over the years. Old-school gamers were once forced to leave [...]

Video games have come a long way, over the years. Old-school gamers were once forced to leave their consoles on for hours, lest they lose all progress. Of course, the advent of save files changed that, allowing players to take their time with their video games. However, many games still don't make save points accessible enough, particularly for gamers that want to sit down and enjoy a game in small bursts. Fortunately, salvation is coming. Today, Microsoft has been showing off some features of Xbox Series X, including the system's Quick Resume option, which will allow players to create multiple save states in order to stop when they need to without losing progress, then jump right back in when ready.

In order to showcase the system's Quick Resume feature, Microsoft released a tech demo, showing the mode in action. While the ability to jump in and out of games quickly looks quite nice, perhaps the most impressive thing on display in the demo is just how quickly the whole process seems to work. In the demo, the player jumps between multiple games within seconds, with little delay. According to Microsoft, the system will be able to have multiple save states simultaneously, with the exact number depending on the size of the games.

It should be noted that this is an official tech demo from Microsoft, so it remains to be seen whether or not the technology will work quite as fast for everyone. Still, the fast load times and Quick Resume function should make for an amazing combination for those without a lot of time on their hands.

As video game systems continue to approach the graphic ceiling, it's becoming more and more important for console manufacturers to find new ways to improve the video game experience. Faster load times and multiple save states are a great way to do just that, and it truly does reinforce the approach Microsoft seems to have in mind for Xbox Series X. Quick Resume might not seem like a big deal, but it's the kind of quality of life improvement that could prove quite beneficial to a large number of players.

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