Xbox Series X: Big Upcoming Game Confirmed as Exclusive

Xbox Series X has picked up another big exclusive game, or more specifically another big and [...]

Xbox Series X has picked up another big exclusive game, or more specifically another big and upcoming game has been confirmed as an Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S console exclusive. Last July, developer GSC Game World finally revealed Stalker 2 during the Xbox Games Showcase. At the time, the game was announced for PC and Xbox Series X/Xbox Series S, but it was unclear if the game would be console exclusive to Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S. That said, turns out it will be.

Over on Twitter, a developer at GSC Game World confirmed that the game is just coming to PC and Xbox Series X when asked by a fan wondering about a PS5 version of the game. Right now, it's unclear if this console exclusivity is permanent or timed. Typically, third-party exclusives like this are timed rather than permanent, but at the moment, this detail of the exclusivity hasn't been outright confirmed.

Unfortunately, while the developer provided some concrete details on the platform, they didn't provide any about a release date, which means the game is still without a release date. In fact, it currently doesn't even have a release window.

While PS5 may not be getting Stalker 2, at least not at launch, it does have its own big exclusives in the pipeline, and by most measurements, the better lineup of exclusive titles, which include Horizon Forbidden West, Final Fantasy 16, Ratchet & Clank: A Rift Apart, and a new God of War. Compared to some of these titles, Stalker 2 may not seem very substantial, but not only is the first game a cult-classic, but this is a long-awaited sequel and is more notable than many of the exclusives coming out of Xbox Game Studios.

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