Xbox Series X Videos Reveal Major Disc Drive Issue

The Xbox Series X released yesterday, and so far, the reception to the $500 next-gen console has [...]

The Xbox Series X released yesterday, and so far, the reception to the $500 next-gen console has been mostly positive. In our review of the console, we highlighted the machine's impressive amount of power and its robust set of features, but also noted it's lacking in the games department. It's a good start for the console, though this start is now being held back by viral videos showing off defective units.

The most viral of these videos are the ones showing the console "smoking." However, Microsoft has since seemingly debunked these particular videos. What videos haven't been debunked though are the ones showing issues with the disc drive. The bulk of these videos reveal that, for whatever reason, some units are running very, very loud when running a disc. Meanwhile, there's also at least one video showing an Xbox Series X outright refusing to accept a disc.

For now, it's unclear how prevalent these problems are. While the latter is limited to just one video, the former -- the console running inexplicably loud -- is not so limited. A quick search on Twitter will provide numerous video results highlighting the problem.

At the moment of publishing, not only is it unclear how common this problem is and what's causing it, but so far Microsoft has not formally addressed the issue. If this changes, we will be sure to update the story with what is provided.

Of course, issues like this at the launch of a new console aren't uncommon. For example, the PS5 also appears to have a major launch defect, but like these Xbox Series X disc drive issues, the problem appears to be extremely uncommon.

The Xbox Series X is available for $500 alongside the $300 Xbox Series S. For more coverage on both consoles and all things Xbox, click here. Meanwhile, as always, feel free to leave a comment or two letting us know what you think or hit me up on Twitter @Tyler-Fischer_ and let me know over three. Have you had any issues with your launch Xbox Series X yet?