Batman: Arkham Knight Xbox Series X Upgrade Leaked

An Xbox Series X|S enhancement for Batman: Arkham Knight may have accidentally been leaked by [...]

An Xbox Series X|S enhancement for Batman: Arkham Knight may have accidentally been leaked by Microsoft. Today, Xbox Wire released a new blog post detailing changes to language support options on the Microsoft Store as well as Xbox Game Pass. At the top of the post, an image can be found that shows Batman: Arkham Knight alongside several other games. The game features the icon that indicates it has been enhanced for Xbox Series X|S next to the Game Pass logo, despite the fact that no such enhancement is currently available on Xbox, and nothing official has been announced.

The image in question can be found below.

Xbox Batman
(Photo: Xbox Wire)

A quick glance at Xbox Game Pass confirms that Arkham Knight has not been updated with the Series X|S logo. There are plenty of other games that feature the icon, such as Desperados III, but Arkham Knight does not. It's possible that this was an accidental reveal on Microsoft's part, or an intentional tease for eagle eyed viewers. The least exciting possibility is that Xbox Wire used a mock-up image rather than an official one, and this was just a mistake. It's worth noting that the image in question is still up.

Yesterday, Xbox released new information on updates coming to the console. One of those updates will give players more freedom to tailor their playing experience with the option to toggle Auto HDR and FPS Boost for compatible titles. Only a handful of games use FPS Boost on Xbox Series X, but more are on the way. It's entirely possible that Batman: Arkham Knight could be next on the list, but fans will have to wait patiently to see whether or not that ends up happening.

Batman: Arkham Knight released on Xbox One in 2015. At the time, the game was perceived as the end of the series, but Rocksteady confirmed last year that the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League will take place in the same continuity. If Arkham Knight really is getting an upgrade on Xbox Series X|S, it should be the perfect way for fans to get reacquainted with the series before Suicide Squad's release!

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