Xbox Series X Teases New Features Coming Soon

If you thought that the Xbox Series X wasn’t going to be getting any flashy new features any [...]

If you thought that the Xbox Series X wasn't going to be getting any flashy new features any time soon, well, think again. Based on some new information that has come from one Director at Xbox, the next-gen console is soon set to receive a number of new features. And while we don't know when these console updates might be rolling out, apparently it could happen in short order.

Appearing on the official Xbox podcast, Jason Ronald, who is the Partner Director of Program Management at Microsoft, said that both the Xbox Series X and S are soon set to receive some new features. While Ronald wouldn't give much of a hint as to what these features could take the form of, he did say that they're planned to be unveiled within the "coming months." Podcast host Larry Hryb followed up on this by saying that "there's a lot coming" for the Xbox Series X but "we can't really say too much."

It's not much of a surprise to learn that some major console updates for the Xbox Series X and S are in the works, but it's definitely exciting. For the most part, both next-gen platforms haven't changed a whole lot from their launch day iterations that release last November. Part of this is because Ronald said the team was enjoying its success from getting the consoles shipped. "As a team, we're just really excited by this initial response from fans all around the world," Ronald said on the podcast. "At launch, we say it all the time internally, this is really just the beginning. We've got a lot of really exciting things that are coming down the pipeline over the coming months and over the coming years."

While we still don't know what some of these sweeping updates might look like for the Xbox Series X and S, Ronald did say that the team has primarily been focused on a handful of smaller fixes in the interim. One of these deals with Quick Resume, which wasn't working as intended for some games. Ronald said that those titles should now be fixed, but Xbox as a whole is looking to make this aspect of the consoles even better in the future.

It remains to be seen when Xbox will have more to share regarding updates for the Series X and S, but based on this conversation, we should be learning a whole lot more pretty soon. We'll be sure to keep you in the loop with all of these future updates for the platform at our coverage hub right here when we learn more.

So what kind of features would you like to see come to the Xbox Series X and S in the future? Let me know down in the comments or over on Twitter at @MooreMan12.

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