Xbox Update Adds Discord Voice Chat

The latest Xbox update finally has added Discord voice chat support to allow users to talk to their friends across Xbox consoles, mobile devices, and PCs, the Xbox team announced this week. This update follows the start of Discord integration on the Xbox platform from 2018 which made it so that users could connect their Discord and Xbox accounts in order to see what friends were playing across platforms. Voice chats added in this week's update are so far only available for Xbox Insiders, but a wider rollout will release the feature more broadly in the future.

If you're already familiar with the way Discord works on PCs or mobile devices, the expanded Xbox integration should look pretty familiar to you. If you're an Xbox Insider and have downloaded the latest update, you'll see an option to participate in this early Discord rollout which will let you converse with friends as you're used to on other platforms.

"To get started, open the guide by pressing the Xbox button on your console, then go to Parties & chats and click Try Discord Voice on Xbox. You'll see an option to scan a QR code," the Xbox announcement said. "The QR code will take you to the Discord and Xbox apps to connect and set up a two-way link between your Discord account and Xbox. If you've previously linked your Discord account to your Xbox, you will have to re-link."

On the Discord mobile app, there will be a "Join on Xbox" option which works in tandem with the Xbox app to swap your voice chat over to your Xbox console if you were already in a party and wanted to start playing on your Xbox instead.

The plans for the wider release regarding when that'll happen weren't detailed, but if it's out this week for Xbox Insiders, you can expect it to come elsewhere soon enough.

Meanwhile, PlayStation users are still awaiting their continued Discord integration. The option to connect PlayStation and Discord accounts was confirmed earlier this year, but voice chats via Discord are still absent on the PlayStation platform at this time.