xQc Loses $800k on Twitch Stream Due to Glitch

xQc is one of the most well-known streamers out there and it's largely related to his antics on stream. The Twitch streamer is known for doing absurd things on stream whether it be trolling players in games, pulling of major stunts in GTA RP servers, or unintentionally causing chaos for himself one way or another. xQc's streams are just as unpredictable as they are strange and hilarious, making him one of the most beloved creators on the platform. Even when he's reacting to YouTube videos, his commentary is so off-the-wall and perhaps baffling that it makes it endlessly entertaining. Nevertheless, one of his latest mishaps was a bit gut-wrenching to watch.

Over the last year or so, xQc has gotten into gambling on stream. It's something that he's been endlessly criticized for as some have argued it promotes gambling and can lead to addiction, especially when someone like xQc has a lot of money to spare. On one of his most recent streams, he suffered a devastating loss while gambling. After hours of gambling, xQc was playing The Wild Machine on Stake.com and managed to set the world record for the "Big Win", netting him $825k. He went up to refresh the page to continue playing and ended up losing everything thanks to a server error. As one might expect when they lose nearly a million dollars, xQc got pretty upset before quietly sinking into his chair to stare at the white error screen. The streamer then tried to look on the upside, noting that he probably would've gambled the money away anyways.

Of course, this can probably serve as a lesson to those who have had an interest in gambling since viewing xQc's streams. There's a great deal of risk in gambling and it can lead to heavy losses. It seems unlikely this will sway xQc into stopping his gambling streams given he's already tried that once before, but it could lead to some more caution.

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[H/T Dexerto]