xQc Receives Death Threats from My Little Pony Fans

Twitch streamer xQc has claimed that he has received death threats from My Little Pony fans. The streamer isn't exactly known for being uncontroversial. Over the years, the streamer has been banned from Twitch numerous times and stirred the pot with several online communities, but he's ultimately still one of the most beloved and enjoyed streamers on the platform. Recently, the streamer accidentally leaked that he's been playing Overwatch 2 ahead of a more public playtest. xQc attracted a large following after playing the shooter professionally, but now he plays a wide variety of games and jumps on various trends on his Twitch channel.

One of the new trends that has attracted his attention is Reddit's r/Place phenomenon. The subreddit allows countless users to fill up a canvas with pixels, allowing large groups to create flags and symbols that represent them on the canvas. It's generally a very wholesome, positive place, but it has led to "wars". Given there is limited space, many are fighting for room for their respective images. xQc asked his followers to wipe out a My Little Pony image, which resulted in the streamer getting death threats from that community.

"I have gotten more death threats in an hour than I've gotten in the past six years combined," xQc said. "[All] from changing pixels from one colour to another on a corporate website that makes your f**king lights flash on your monitor through a piece of f**king plastic," he continued. "Imagine if you took this much care and this much action in your life in other things that mattered like making something of yourself rather than participating in cold, angry violence because some f**king colours changed. That is f**king illness." 

xQc later apologized to anyone he may have upset, emphasizing he thought it was all in good fun. xQc has had his own problems with online harassment over the years both virutal and physical. The streamer has been swatted numerous times and had his home broken into, resulting him having to move.

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[H/T GamingBible]