Ys VIII Gets a PC Release Date, Patch Goes Live on All Platforms Same Day

Nippon Ichi Software America is officially bringing Ys VIII to PC, along with a new patch that [...]

(Photo: NIS America)

Nippon Ichi Software America is officially bringing Ys VIII to PC, along with a new patch that will be available for all platforms. According to a new post on Twitter from the company's official account, Ys VIII will be releasing on PC later this month on the 30th. Additionally, Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of DANA is coming to Nintendo Switch, according to yesterday's Nintendo Direct presentation.

This particular project has been under "revision" for a few months, so for anyone who has been following the company's official blog, this may not come as a huge surprise. A new post on the company's blog today highlighted the announcement, stating that the re-localization project still had a little time to go when it came to making sure everything was perfect. "In regards to the re-localization, we are currently still in debug for another two weeks and are at work squashing bugs," NIS Senior Associate Producer, Alan Costa.

"So far, I'm happy to report that there are no major issues, with the majority of the bugs being correcting minor typos and sound tweaks." It looks like the upcoming patch will do all of the cleaning that is detailed in the post. "As we are hard at work in debug," Costa wrote, "I didn't have the time to grab a new video or screens to show you, but please look forward to the Update at the end of this month!"

The original Ys VIII was released in Japan back in 2016 for the PlayStation Vita, before coming stateside in late 2017. The game follows adventurer Adol Christin and the mystical, cheerful Dana, whose story Adol follows in his dreams.

Ys VIII is out now for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation 4. It releases for PC via Steam on January 30th, and is set for release on the Nintendo Switch some time later this summer.