Zeldathon Kicks Off Today, Raising Money For Charity With 'The Legend of Zelda' Games and More

Watch live video from SuperMCGamer on www.twitch.tvUnless you’ve been given an unfortunate [...]

Watch live video from SuperMCGamer on www.twitch.tv

Unless you've been given an unfortunate schedule, chances are you're on a holiday break and probably looking for things to do before you have to go back to work next week. Fortunately, there's something really cool happening, particularly if you're a fan of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda games.

The Zeldathon Response team has announced that it's once again time for its annual six-day Legend of Zelda gaming marathon, which has just started over on Twitchand will raise funds for the Direct Relief charity group.

The Zeldathon team got its start back in 2009, playing through the full Legend of Zelda video game series through live broadcast. This year looks to be jam-packed with Zelda action- including, yes, Breath of the Wild.

Fans can tune in at the Twitch link above and watch players conquer these adventures while at the same time donating to charity and winning prizes through incentives. In addition, the six-day event will also feature musical performances, sketch comedy and more.

Since they've began, the Zeldathon marathons have managed to raise over $2 million in charity, as well as $375,000 from a single marathon. So this year, Zeldathon Response has its goal set high in the hopes of helping out Direct Relief.

Elizabeth Rice, who serves as assistant director for Zeldathon, explained in a press release, "Audiences can look forward to the much-loved Jam Train and Zelda Art Block, as well as new additions such as The Shadow Prince Nintendo Adventure book, TeleJyg variety show, The Wind Waker HD showcase run, Navi Trackers, and Zelda's Adventure with 2 players 1 controller." (That last one should be, um, interesting.)

More details about the event can be found on the official page, including a schedule and prize breakdown; and you can also find out more about Zeldathon's history and featured games. You can also watch the stream there or embedded above.

If you're a Legend of Zelda fan, this event shouldn't be missed. We're waiting for Saturday's broadcast of A Link Between Worlds ourselves. We love that one...