New Zombicide Game Announced

CMON has announced a new Zombicide spin-off game. Earlier this week, CMON announced Zombicide: Gear Up, a new flip-and-write game set in the same world as the publisher's popular series of zombie survival games. Players control a group of survivors as waves of zombies advance towards them, represented by three rows of cards. Players use their weapons and resources to mark off squares on each zombie, each of which has a different arrangement of squares to represent their shape. When zombies are killed, players upgrade one of their weapons, hopefully before a boss zombie appears about halfway through the game. The game ends when a player is either killed by the zombie horde, a boss zombie lingers too long on the playing field, or the players kill the boss zombie.

The new "flip-and-write" game is a variation of the popular roll-and-write genre of tabletop games that have grown in popularity in recent years. While Yahtzee is the best-known roll-and-write, many designers have taken a stab at the genre, as roll-and-writes can provide a more streamlined version of existing game engines and offer a quicker and more easily replayable game experience. 

Zombicide isn't the only popular game franchise to receive a new roll-and-write adaptation. Fantasy Flight Games recently announced a Twilight Imperium roll-and-write called Twilight Inscription, which is described as the most complex roll-and-write of all time. CMON is also producing a new Zombicide adaptation of the Marvel Zombies franchise, with both hero and zombie versions of numerous Marvel superheroes. 

No release date or pricing information is currently available for Zombicide: Gear Up. Expect more information to be released in the coming months.