Cup Noodle Ramen Model Kit From Bandai is Now Available in the US


Bandai Hobby and Nissin are celebrating the 50th anniversary of the iconic Cup Noodle instant ramen with a full-scale model kit that's accurate enough to make your mouth water. No detail was spared - they 3D scanned noodles, egg, shrimp, and "mystery meat" to create the parts.

As you can see from the image above you'll need to assemble the "dense noodle block structure that easily loosens in hot water". You'll also need to cut the vinyl leeks to taste. Bandai also notes that "the molding is so precise that even the fine print nutritional information has been recreated". Indeed, this is the Cup Noodle model that ramen aficionados have been waiting for. The release is so exciting that it even has a trailer:

When Bandai's Cup Noodle Ramen kit was first announced, it seemed like a release in the US was unlikely. However, we are happy to inform Cup Noodle fans that kits are now up for pre-order here on Amazon for $26 (UPDATE: Also available from Entertainment Earth with an earlier ship date in October). That's a pretty reasonable price, but it's also the equivalent of at least a month's worth of actual Cup Noodle. Choose wisely. Then again, you won't be charged until it ships on November 30th, so you have time to decide.

We recommend keeping the completed model far away from your actual Cup Noodle stash. It's so accurate that you might end up dumping boiling water inside.

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