Gunpla Gets Real Extra with This Cup Ramen Kit

Mobile Suit Gundam spent its fortieth anniversary unleashing a number of events and new materials, [...]

Mobile Suit Gundam spent its fortieth anniversary unleashing a number of events and new materials, one of which was a bizarre crossover that saw the franchise clashing against the merchandise juggernaut that was Hello Kitty, and now, Cup Noodle is looking to jump onto the Gunpla band wagon by creating a model kit of their own. With the coronavirus pandemic causing both fans and builders alike to purchase countless numbers of Gunplas to count down the hours, it's no surprise to see that Cup Noodle is looking to get in on those sales with it's unique spin. UPDATE: Pre-orders for the kit are live here on Amazon for $26.

This would be hardly the first time that Cup Noodle has ventured into the world of pop culture, having been a part of a number of anime series and video games. Final Fantaxy XV, the popular game that was released onto consoles a few years back, had an entire quest line that involved Cup Noodle with fans attempting to discover the commonly known product themselves. On top of this, the anime juggernaut known as One Piece had a series of short animations dubbed "Hungry Days" which was a combination of Cup Noodle with the series. In the video, we were given unique takes on our favorite Straw Hat Pirates in a typical modern high school scenario!

Gunplas have big a major instrument of bringing the Mobile Suit: Gundam franchise to the world, selling over 500 million figures during its history. Though the Mobile Suit Gundam fortieth anniversary ended last year, the anniversary of the Gundam plastic models themselves is happening right as we speak and new models are being released on a regular basis.

Not only taking their cues from the anime series, Gundam Plastic Models have also created figures from numerous other stories within the Gundam universe that take place in light novels, video games, and many other avenues. With the series relying on the strength of creating different realities for the anime franchise, we're sure to see Gunplas release on the regular as we move forward into the future!

Unfortunately, you will not be able to eat this Cup Noodle model, in case you were wondering!

Will you be picking up this Cup Noodle model that takes a cue from Gunplas? What is your favorite Gundam plastic model that you've seen in the past? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Gundam!

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