Disney's Baby Yoda Shoes Are Back With a New Design

Once again, Disney has partnered with Zazzle to bring a design based on Baby Yoda (aka The Child) [...]


Once again, Disney has partnered with Zazzle to bring a design based on Baby Yoda (aka The Child) from the Star Wars Disney+ series The Mandalorian to a pair of customizable Ubuntu Afridrilles shoes. The new design features a cute Baby Yoda illustration on a gray background, which in contrast to the bright orange version that was released previously.

You can order a pair of the new Baby Yoda shoes right here for $89.95 in men's or women's sizes. Note that the pink liner pictured above can be swapped out with one of 11 different colors. Each pair of shoes is handmade in Kenya using local materials as part of an organization called UBUNTU that's designed to promote health and education programs in Africa. The result is Baby Yoda shoes that are based on the Spanish espadrille style, but with an African flair - hence the name "Afridrille".


Speaking of Baby Yoda, Sideshow Collectibles' unveiled an amazing new life-size Baby Yoda figure last night, and it looks good enough to get screen time in The Mandalorian. However, it won't cost anywhere near the $5 million that Disney supposedly paid for the Baby Yoda hero puppet. In fact, you can pre-order an incredibly realistic, life-size Baby Yoda figure from Sideshow Collectibles right here for only $350 with shipping slated for August - October 2020.

Sideshow Collectibles notes that the figure measures 16.5" tall and features a tan fabric coat, a silver shift knob from the Razor Crest in its right hand, and a plastic and resin build that's accurate right down to the fuzz on Baby Yoda's head. This figure is a limited edition, and there is a very good chance that it sells out in pre-order, so reserve one while you can.

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