Funko Dragon Ball Super Vegeta Trying to Cook Pop Figure is Live

In the Dragon Ball Super episode 'Vegeta Becomes a Student?! Win over Whis!' there is a hilarious [...]


In the Dragon Ball Super episode "Vegeta Becomes a Student?! Win over Whis!" there is a hilarious scene where Vegeta promises to "blow Whis' feeble mind" by feeding him "the most delicious cuisine on Earth" in exchange for training. However, when trying to create his World Famous Gourmet Rice Omelette, Vegeta is unable to crack a simple egg.

As you can see, Funko's latest Dragon Ball Super Pop figure highlights his messy struggle. It's a Hot Topic exclusive that you can pre-order right here for $12.50 while it lasts - which probably won't be very long. When it sells out, you'll be able to find it here on eBay.


On a related note, Funko released a Pop of Goku eating noodles earlier this year that you can still order here on Amazon (they have the exclusive on this one). Note that Goku is sporting a halo in this Pop, which means he's dead but has been allowed to keep his body. We believe the inclusion of the halo is a first for Funko's Dragon Ball series, which makes it even more special.

Funko also released a Vegeta eating noodles Pop figure as an ECC 2020 exclusive. That version was also an Amazon exclusive, but has sold out. It's still available to order here on eBay if you want to add it to your Dragon Ball Funko Pop food collection.

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