'Halloween' Brings In $7.7 Million Opening Night Box Office

The latest film in the storied Halloween franchise might wipe the slate clean, but it has not rebooted the fanbase. Audiences are turning out for the new horror movie, making it another record-breaking turnout for the spooky month of October.

According to a new report from Deadline, the reimagined sequel to John Carpenter's first film is set to make $75.5 million at the box office on its opening weekend, making it a huge success on its $15 million budget.

That number makes Halloween the second best box office opening of all time in the month of October, coming in just behind Venom with $80.2 million.

Halloween made $7.7 million during its preview night on Thursday, and is set to make up to $32 million today on its official opening. This makes it the most successful opening for Blumhouse Productions, surpassing the $52.5 opening for Paranormal Activity 3.

This is against the norm for the last weeks of October, which have not traditionally done well in years past. But with Venom and now Halloween both breaking records for the month, studios might be rethinking their strategies moving forward.

It sounds like Blumhouse will be able to move forward with their potential plans for a sequel, and director David Gordon Green has already stated they had to cut out some ideas from this film.

"We started incorporating all the follow-ups and then it got overwhelming trying to engineer something that made sense," Green said to The Hollywood Reporter. "Some of the plot points became a little stretched thin as the franchise went on. And so ultimately finding those frustrations, McBride came to me and just said, 'What’s the Michael Myers movie that you really want to see?' Halloween was, to me, the most pure and, in a lot of ways, the most simple. I get the real connection with the terror of a movie that isn't so lost in its own mythology."

Co-writer Danny McBride admitted that he and Green did plan to make a sequel back-to-back with this new film, but they decided to dial back in order to wait and see how this movie was received..

“You know, I think we were just kind of — in our early ideas of it — just like, ‘what would you do if you could?’” McBride said to MTV News. “But I think both of us were just sort of trying to make sure we didn’t blow this one before we got ahead of ourselves and tried to make a whole universe out of it,” McBride added.


But McBride reiterated that he and Green do have some potential plans for a sequel: "There are ideas, yeah."

Halloween is now playing in theaters.