Alien Fans Hilariously Recreate Movie From Quarantine With Cardboard Xenomorph

The global coronavirus pandemic has caused people around the world to quarantine themselves in [...]

The global coronavirus pandemic has caused people around the world to quarantine themselves in their homes in hopes of preventing its spread, giving everyone a lot of time on their hands, with one group of Alien fans deciding to embrace their time and creativity to craft a remake of many of the film's iconic scenes, complete with cardboard monsters. From the sets to the costumes to the effects sequences, the team did a stellar job of embracing the aesthetics of the famous sci-fi franchise, displaying just how much can be accomplished even when there are a number of sacrifices we've made in the interest of public safety.

The video was crafted by the team at Cardboard Movie Co., who have also delivered remakes of Jurassic Park and The Shining.

What makes the video even more interesting is that quarantine played an integral component of the narrative and ultimately led to the devastating experience.

As the crew of the Nostromo explores a new planet, they come across dozens of bizarre eggs. When one hatches, a creature bursts out and attaches itself to a crew member's face, requiring medical attention. Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) refuses to let the crew back onto the ship, as it would compromise their quarantine protocols. When Ash (Ian Holm) overrides those protocol and allows the crew back onto the ship, the creature eventually plants an egg in its victim's chest, giving birth to the iconic xenomorph. Rather than this merely being a human error, Ash is later revealed to be an android who willingly put the entire crew in danger.

In the more than 40 years since its debut, Alien has earned a passionate following, even if later sequels and crossover events failed to capture the public's attention as effectively as the debut film. This new video isn't the only instance of creative fans honoring the sci-fi epic, as last year saw North Bergen High School in North Bergen, New Jersey bring the film to life with an unauthorized adaptation.

The student production featured performers embodying the various characters from the franchise acting out famous moments in front of a projection of the films themselves. After footage from the performance went viral in early 2019, the students staged another performance on "Alien Day" in April. The students were treated to a surprise appearance by Sigourney Weaver, who praised the students for their efforts.

The Alien franchise is now owned by the Walt Disney Company, with no news having been announced about upcoming installments.

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