American Horror Story: 1984: SPOILER Survives It All in "Final Girl"

Camp Redwood's long, blood soaked story came to an end tonight in the season finale of American [...]

Camp Redwood's long, blood soaked story came to an end tonight in the season finale of American Horror Story: 1984. With the season having taken its inspiration from horror/slasher films of the 1980s, things ended an ultimate survivor -- a Final Girl -- as well as a tidy wrapping up of the various narrative threads from the season. However, when it comes to the character who ultimately survived the horrors of the summer camp from hell, Redwood had one last surprising twist before the credits rolled.

Spoilers for tonight's season finale of American Horror Story: 1984, "Final Girl," below.

In tonight's finale the story jumped forward to 2019 where we meet Bobby Richter (played by Finn Wittrock,) Mr. Jingles' now-adult son. He's come to Camp Redwood seeking answers about his father and soon crosses paths with Montana and Trevor who clue him into the nature of the camp reveal to him the story of what went down on Halloween 1989. The long and the short of that is simple: when the ghosts realized that Margaret was up to, they ultimately decided to work together to stop her. They killed off Bruce, they managed Ramirez, and then they went after Margaret. However, before Montana is able to reveal how it really all ended, Ramirez -- who isn't exactly a ghost due to Satan resurrecting him constantly -- became a threat so they sent Bobby to Red Meadows Asylum where he met the medical director -- Donna.

That's right, Donna Chambers ended up the final girl. She fills Bobby in on the rest of the story, revealing that not only was Bobby's father innocent as was Brooke, but that Brooke was unfortunately killed by Margaret. While the ghosts managed to ultimately take Margaret out, Donna has always felt guilty about Brooke's death.

Now, if American Horror Story: 1984 had stopped right there, it would have a pretty great twist to have Donna end up the final girl, especially after she told Brooke in last week's "Rest In Pieces" that it wouldn't happen due to her race. However, Bobby and Donna soon figure out that someone else must have survived Redwood -- Bobby has been receiving checks his whole life and when they track down the bank the checks were coming from that's when they get the biggest surprise yet.

Brooke didn't die at Camp Redwood. With Ray's help, Brooke escapes Redwood and, because someone managed to call for help for her, survived her experience. She disappeared from there, starting a new life and getting married, having a family, living a good, quite life. She sent the checks to Bobby all those years, her way of dealing with the trauma from Redwood. With both Donna and Brooke surviving, American Horror Story: 1984 had not one, but two final girls.

Ultimately, though Donna and Brooke actually survived and went on to live lives outside of Redwood, all of the ghosts found redemption at Camp Redwood. The real killers -- Margaret and Ramirez -- would spend eternity being tortured by the redeemed ghosts, and Bobby got to walk away after an emotional moment with not just his father, but his grandmother as well. In the end, the deadly cycle of Camp Redwood came to an end, giving American Horror Story: 1984 a happy ending.

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