American Horror Story Season 10 to Feature Two Different Stories

On Friday, after a long wait and plenty of hints and teases, the title for American Horror Story [...]

On Friday, after a long wait and plenty of hints and teases, the title for American Horror Story Season 10 was finally revealed to by "Double Feature" by series creator Ryan Murphy on Twitter. But while the title reveal is itself exciting, it comes with another surprise: American Horror Story Season 10 will feature not one, but two different stories, a structure that is a departure from what fans have come to expect from the horror anthology series over previous seasons.

Murphy shared a short video to social media featuring waves and an aerial view of crashing on a beach with ominous music playing and after revealing the season title, the text then reveals that it will be "two horrifying season. One by the by the sand." Check it out for yourself below.

That American Horror Story: Double Feature will contain two stories that appear to be centered around the ocean and the beach offers a bit of context to some of the teases we've gotten until now. Back in March of 2020, Murphy released a poster that featured the ocean in the background as two hands appeared to be climbing their way out of something along with the message "Things are beginning to wash up on shore..." Then, last November he shared another poster -- this one featuring a mouth with sharpened teeth along with the high contrast, highly stylized imagery of bold red lipstick, a surgical glove, and the ominous and unsettling image of a tattooed tongue. The two images are dramatically different, but make sense with the understanding that there are two stories.

As for what those two different stories are, that we don't yet know. What we do know is that the season will have a much different tone than previous seasons, at least according to recurring American Horror Story star Finn Wittrock.

"I think this is OK to say, I think the suspense in this and the tight, constrained nature of the story is different than other seasons," Wittrock said. "I was really interested in trying to mount the pressure in the right way, if that makes sense."

"It is different in tone than a lot of the other seasons," he added.

American Horror Story: Double Feature does not yet have a release date, but keep checking back with for updates.

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