New Annabelle Comes Home Poster Teases New Terrors

The third installment of the Annabelle spinoff series will be Annabelle Comes Home, and it will [...]

The third installment of the Annabelle spinoff series will be Annabelle Comes Home, and it will bring the series right back to its Conjuring beginnings. The third chapter of the series will see the demonic Annabelle get loose in spiritual vault of haunted items that demon-hunting duo Ed and Lorraine Warren keep in their home.

Of course, Annabelle doesn't just get loose: the evil doll manages to get out, only to get into the other possessed artifacts in the Warrens' safe room. And that's exactly the kind of "sell" we're getting with this new Annabelle Comes Home poster that's been released:

If you feel like this poster gives off a sort of Pokémon vibe, you're not alone. "Possess Them All" definitely sounds like the horror movie version of "Gotta Catch Them All," and the illustration on this one-sheet definitely supports that notion.

Taking a closer look at the illustration, there's definitely going to be some creepy AF creatures that Annabelle Comes Home introduces. First of all, there are some great callbacks to The Conjuring series, with franchise stars Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga getting some prime overarching space as the Warrens. New addition Mckenna Grace will play the Warrens' daughter Judy, who is seen next to Ed Warren, along with the teenage protagonists (Madison Iseman, Katie Sarife) who serve as Judy's friends, also get caught up in the supernatural assault.

Of course the real intrigue here is the collage of demonic creatures that Annabelle will lead. There's the creepy people with coins over their eyes on the left; a murderous bride on the right; along with callbacks to the original human version of Annabelle (from Annabelle: Creation) on the lower left, and some of the more iconic artifacts from the Conjuring films, like the Samurai armor and monkey toy. Best of all, if you step back nd examine really closely, you'll discover that the entire image seems to be framed by a demonic entity, whose face you can make out in the upper right corner. All in all, it looks like a pretty tantalizing lineup of horror monsters that will be entertaining us.

Not a bad poster at all...

Annabelle Comes Home to theaters everywhere on June 26th.


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