Annabelle Comes Home Pulls In $7.2 Million On Opening Day At Box Office

It's the third time around for the Annabelle franchise, and it seems the latest entry in the [...]

It's the third time around for the Annabelle franchise, and it seems the latest entry in the series is off to a great start. Annabelle Comes Home is the third film from the Warner Bros series, and it already pulled in $7.2 million on Wednesday, which also includes the $3.5 million it racked up during preview showings. That's impressive on its own and puts it on track to hit around $30 to $33 million over the five-day opening week. Annabelle Comes Home came in behind Toy Story 4, which pulled in $12.3 million on Wednesday (via THR).

Annabelle Comes Home is the third film in The Conjuring spinoff series and reveals even more new threats that the Warrens have been guarding against. That said, they aren't introduced just to get more spinoff movies according to Annabelle Comes Home writer and director Gary Dauberman.

"Well, I hope they're potential movies, but we're really not going into this thinking of the business of it and going, 'Oh, this could be a cool spinoff,'" Dauberman told THR. "[Franchise creator] James [Wan] and I might go, 'Omigod, we'd love to tell more of this story,' but we're not putting it specifically in there, hoping it's going to be a spinoff. Something I pride myself on, and I know the others do as well, is that we're not looking at any of these movies as a launchpad for the next movie. We're hoping the audience responds in a way that we can tell further stories, but it's not the reason why this movie exists."

If Annabelle Comes Home has a successful run at the box office, we imagine we'll be seeing at least one of those other concepts in a spinoff film, but for now, there is plenty going on in the Conjuring-verse for fans to latch onto.

You can find the official description for Annabelle Comes Home Below.

"In Annabelle Comes Home, determined to keep Annabelle from wreaking more havoc, demonologists Ed and Lorraine Warren bring the possessed doll to the locked artifacts room in their home, placing her "safely" behind sacred glass and enlisting a priest's holy blessing. But an unholy night of horror awaits as Annabelle awakens the evil spirits in the room, who all set their sights on a new target—the Warrens' ten-year-old daughter, Judy, and her friends."

Annabelle Comes Home is in theaters now.