Annabelle Comes Home Officially Rated R

The third installment of the Annabelle franchise and next step into the Conjuring horror movie [...]

The third installment of the Annabelle franchise and next step into the Conjuring horror movie universe, Annabelle Comes Home, has officially been given an R-rating by the MPAA. The film marks the directorial debut for Gary Dauberman, who previously scripted the previous Annabelle films. He also writes Annabelle Comes Home.

The R-rating of Annabelle Comes Home was granted for "horror violence & terror" according to the MPAA's ruling.

Having seen a few clips from the film in the edit bay on the Warner Bros. lot, can confirm Annabelle Comes Home does combine a bit of fun with a hefty amount of terror. "I really tried that, to do that with a bunch of the scares here," Dauberman said of keeping the audience on their toes with surprising scares. "And also not just go for the jump scares all the time. You think something's going to happen, that it doesn't, or maybe I tried to go... there's a sequence that feels a little bit more Twilight Zone-y, that a traditional sort of approaching of the corner and there's the monster behind it. So we try to vary it up to that, on that level."

As the next installment of a now sprawling Conjuring world, Annabelle Comes Home will build on the mythology and history within the franchise's canon. "It definitely ties into the larger continuity," Dauberman explained to while sitting in the edit bay of his upcoming film. "You know, Annabelle: Creation really focused on sort of the origin, the creation of the doll. In this one I really wanted to, sort of, I wanted to dig into the Warren's a little bit. It's nice to see them not talking about, just for a minute, not talking about paranormal investigation or something. Just be two people who are married, in a relationship. He's got terrible sense of direction. Just things like that."

Annabelle Comes Home hits theaters on June 26, 2019.