Oregon Hiker Shares Footage of Supposed Bigfoot Sighting

Sightings and reports of Bigfoot have been around for centuries, with the vast wilderness of the [...]

Sightings and reports of Bigfoot have been around for centuries, with the vast wilderness of the Pacific Northwest resulting in the region becoming a hotspot of supposed activity, as evidenced recently by footage captured by a hiker in Oregon who claims to have caught a video of Bigfoot lurking in a wooded ravine. In the footage, which Mike Bodewitz shared on his TikTok account, he narrates the footage and notes that, while the footage itself is tough to decipher, as it depicts little more than a possible shadowy figure hiding behind trees, he could feel the creature watching him.

While Bodewitz didn't specify where the footage was captured, he included the hashtag "#OregonBigfoot," seemingly confirming the state in which the event took place.


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"I was walking down in a ravine, into the brush and then I notice a Sasquatch is watching me," Bodewitz describes, while noting that he couldn't tell if the creature appeared to be male or female.

Based solely on the footage, the hiker admits that he anticipates viewers dismissing the object merely as a stump, only to describe the encounter in context.

"I saw it with my own eyes. I didn't want to get any closer to make it nervous or anything but it's clearly keeping an eye on me," Bodewitz noted. "I felt that I needed to back away and move further up the hill to give it some space."

He added, "I have had them make noises to tell me I'm too close or not wanted."

Bigfoot, sometimes also referred to as a "Sasquatch," is often described as a bipedal beast covered in dark brown or black hair, whose height ranges between six and nine feet, yet a variety of creatures from around the world could mistakenly be perceived as the cryptid. While grizzly bears and even Native American leaders had earned the nickname "Bigfoot" all the way back to the 1800s, the use of such a moniker for a large, bipedal creature found in North American woods wasn't popularized until the mid-20th century.

The most well-known "evidence" of Bigfoot was captured by Roger Patterson and Robert "Bob" Gimlin in a bluff in northern California back in 1967.

Despite the grainy footage assuredly being the most famous footage of the beast, like any evidence of mythical monsters, the authenticity of the film has been debated ever since it debuted. Both Patterson and Gimlin regularly denied that the footage was a hoax, though Gimlin has admitted that, while he denies taking part in any hoax, he couldn't rule out Patterson having masterminded the entire encounter.

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