Candyman Writer Teases Franchise's Possible Future

Tony Todd starred as the titular figure in the original three Candyman films, so when fans learned that a new take on the concept was being developed by writers Win Rosenfeld and Jordan Peele and director Nia DaCosta, we wondered how this new installment would connect to its predecessors, or if it would completely reimagine the source material. As evidenced in this year's Candyman, the filmmakers managed to both honor the past while pushing things forward into new directions, leaving fans to wonder what this could mean for the future of the franchise, with Rosenfeld noting that, while the plan wasn't to ignite a new franchise of sequels, there's a lot of mythology available to potentially uncover. Candyman is out now on 4K UltraHD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.

"I think it always comes down to, is there something new to say? Is there something new? You could make ... We don't ever presume to have closed the book on something as epic as Candyman. I don't know," Rosenfeld confirmed with "I mean, there's a part of you that comes into a movie, at least for Jordan and Monkey Paw, the way we look at things, we don't try to create something as a launchpad for a franchise. So that's not how we think and so our idea was we did want to be in conversation with and be an almost mirror image to the original."

He added, "Mirrors, obviously, another big theme here and to the original film in a lot of ways. And so those two things could play off of each other. I guess, in a sense, you could argue that creates a whole circle in the beginning of a new cycle, but I don't know. I'm certainly ... I think we've, and the internet is very, very eager to remind me, that we have left a lot of mythology there that could be explored in a lot of different ways. And certainly, if that's Yahya [Abdul-Mateen II] or Tony, or I don't know. I think it could go any way."

For decades, the housing projects of Chicago's Cabrini-Green were terrorized by a ghost story about a supernatural, hook-handed killer. In present day, a visual artist (Abdul-Mateen II) begins to explore the macabre history of Candyman, not knowing it would unravel his sanity and unleash a terrifying wave of violence that puts him on a collision course with destiny.

Candyman is out now on 4K UltraHD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, and Digital HD.

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