Jennifer Tilly Shares Chucky Breast-Feeding Photo on Mother's Day

You probably don't have to go too far on social media to find an avalanche of heartwarming posts celebrating Mother's Day. But it's pretty safe to say that Jennifer Tilly just won the entire game.

The Oscar-nominated actress, who is best known for her role as Tiffany in the Child's Play franchise, recently shared a pretty memorable photo on her Twitter account. In the "Mother's Day" photo, which you can check out below, Tilly can be seen in a white dress, breastfeeding a Chucky doll.

Over the years, Tilly's social media has somewhat become known for these Chucky-related posts, with the actress sharing plenty of off-the-wall photos of her Chucky and Tiffany dolls. But this post is sure to delight fans of the Chucky films, especially considering Tilly's dedication to the franchise.

"I'm super-good friends with the director [Don Mancini]," Tilly explained in an interview last year. "I think he’s going to put me in every Chucky movie until the end of time, and I honestly feel like there are going to be Chucky movies until the end of time because at the end of every movie he dies and comes back to life again."

"When I was considering doing the Chucky movies, I wasn't sure about it and Gina Gershon said, 'My God, you will have a franchise. I would love a franchise.'" Tilly continued. "So, if Gina wants a franchise, I'll take it. And now, here I am."


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Fans can see Tilly in the latest Chucky film, Cult of Chucky, which is available on home video now. A Child's Play television series is currently in development.