'Child's Play' Reboot Director Teases Start of Production

Chucky is coming back to the big screen once again, as it looks as though the remake of the [...]

Chucky is coming back to the big screen once again, as it looks as though the remake of the classic slasher Child's Play is actually entering production.

Even though the current Child's Play franchise is still going strong, with a new TV series already in the works, MGM is reportedly planning a reboot of the original 1988 film. The studio has tapped Lars Klevberg as director, with a script from Tyler Burton Smith.

Earlier this month, Klevberg shared a photo of the new Child's Play script, along with a kitchen knife, to his Instagram account. As expected, the cover page of the script credits Tyler Burton Smith as the writer, and the post itself seemingly confirms Klevberg as the helmer of the remake.

"Week 1," Klevberg wrote in the post. "Let's play."

Week 1. Let’s play. #childsplay #letsplay #legacy #respect #honoured

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While this certainly isn't confirmation of anything, the post does indicate that the film has gone from development into one of the various stages of production.

The full-on filming stage of production is unlikely at this point, given that no one has been cast in the film, and a crew has yet to be announced. The most recent report suggested that The Strangers star Liv Tyler was being eyed for a leading role in the film, but her involvement hasn't been confirmed. Unless the entire cast and crew has signed on without anyone in the industry finding out about it, there's a good chance the camera's aren't rolling quite yet.

In all likelihood, Klevberg has been in his first weeks of pre-production on the film. This would mean he's working with Smith on potential changes to the script, scouting locations, putting together a crew, and auditioning a cast. If that's the case, filming could start sometime later this year, though MGM has yet to make that call publicly.

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