Chucky TV Show First Episode Streaming Free on YouTube

The most terrifying doll in history has finally returned, and this time he's making his mark on television. Chucky debuted on USA and SYFY on Tuesday night, marking yet another comeback for the iconic villain from the long-running Child's Play film franchise. Fans have been understandably excited to see how Chucky translates to the small screen, and now those Child's Play faithful without a cable subscription can check out the series premiere.

Following the first episode debut of Chucky on cable, the premiere has been made available online for everyone to watch for free. USA uploaded the full 46-minute episode to its YouTube channel, where you can watch without commercials. Take a look!

Chucky was brought to life by franchise writer Don Mancini, who penned the screenplay for every entry in the Child's Play series (and directed three of the newer films). The only Child's Play film that Mancini wasn't involved with was the 2019 reboot film, which was made without any of the original franchise creative team. 

During a recent interview with ahead of Chucky's series premiere, Mancini opened up about the reboot, saying it almost derailed his plans for the TV series and that the show felt like a way to "reclaim" the character.

"I did, sure, because there was no way of knowing how that could impact what we've been doing for decades at Universal," Mancini said of the reboot. "And there was worry about it, it wasn't just me. It was also powers that be at the studio, like how much appetite is there going to be for this character? And if that movie had broken out, if it had been successful, then it could have harmed our plans. Fortunately, that didn't happen."

"Honestly, I'm at a point in my life where the main emotion I feel at junctures like that is just relief and gratitude that we got to make our show," Mancini continued. "Seems like people are liking it. All good. I don't bear any resentment particularly against any of the people involved in that movie. They were doing a job. Although the producers, maybe I can bear a grudge for a while longer."

What do you think of Mancini's new Chucky TV series? Will you be watching throughout the rest of the season? Let us know in the comments!