'Deep Blue Sea 2' Swims Onto Blu-ray This April

Horror fans can never get enough shark-inspired tales of terror, even if they are sequels to films [...]

Horror fans can never get enough shark-inspired tales of terror, even if they are sequels to films from 1999 that were criminally underseen. The upcoming Deep Blue Sea 2 recently got its first trailer, with the film now getting details about its Blu-ray release. Check out the synopsis and special features below before the film hits shelves on April 17.

(Photo: Warner Bros. Home Entertainment)

"A shark conservationist Dr. Misty Calhoun (Danielle Savre) is invited to consult on a new, top secret project run by pharmaceutical billionaire Carl Durant (Michael Beach). She believes the project, performed at a remote, sea-based facility, focuses on extracting shark antibodies to help work toward cures for human diseases. However, Dr. Calhoun is shocked to learn that the company is using unpredictable bull sharks as its test subjects, and Durant has bio-engineered a shiver of highly intelligent, super-aggressive bull sharks. When science meddles with the time-tested process of nature and nurture, the outcome can be deadly."

The disc's special features will include the following:

  • Returning to the Deep – The Making of Deep Blue Sea 2 (Featurette) – Go behind the scenes with the cast and crew of Deep Blue Sea 2 as they film the highly-anticipated sequel.
  • Deep Blue Sea 2: Death by Shark (Featurette) – In this wildly fun featurette, the cast and crew of Deep Blue Sea 2 discuss their characters' demise and the jump-out-of-your-seat moments in the film.
  • Deep Blue Silliness (Gag Reel) – A collection of fun outtakes and bloopers from the feature film showcasing the cast and production team.
  • Deleted Scenes – A few filmed moments that didn't make the final cut of Deep Blue Sea 2. But we know you still want to see them.

The original film might not have made a big splash at the box office but, in the years since its release, the film has gained a cult following for the sheer absurdity of its premise.

Thomas Jane (The Punisher), LL Cool J, Saffron Burrows (The Bank Job) and Samuel L. Jackson all starred in the original film, yet none of which are slated to appear in the sequel.

"We are a true sequel. We wanted to keep to the spirit of Deep Blue Sea and why people love it," creative executive for Warner Bros Matt Bierman explained. "The research that was used on the sharks in Deep Blue Sea 2 comes from the mythology and storyline of the first movie. We have given the lead shark a personality and hope the fans will embrace that as it really helps the storytelling and the narrative in a way that first one didn't. Deep Blue Sea 2 has a slightly slower build but once the rubber band snaps things go boom really quickly!"

You can grab your copy of Deep Blue Sea 2 on April 17.

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