Devon Sawa Reveals He'd Make an Idle Hands Sequel "in a Heartbeat"

Devon Sawa is an actor known for films that have a unique spin on the horror genre, including the fan-favorite Final Destination and cult classic Idle Hands. Sawa has a new film called The Fanatic coming out next week, so was given the opportunity to speak with him about his latest venture as well as some of the films from his past. In the time of reboots and remakes, many have wondered if there will ever be another Idle Hands, the stoner comedy/horror flick from 1999 in which Sawa plays a slacker whose hand becomes possessed, forcing him to murder his family and friends. While Sawa doesn't think an Idle Hands sequel is likely, he'd definitely be on board for another.

"I would love that to happen but unfortunately the first one didn't… I think it broke even or something like that, but you never know. You never know," Sawa teased.

When asked if he'd be willing to be in the hypothetical sequel, Sawa gave a resounding yes:

"In a heartbeat. If there was one film that I want to do a sequel to that would be the one. Just because that set was, between Elden [Henson], and Seth Green, and Vivica Fox, [Jessica] Alba, Jack Noseworthy, and all those people, it was like summer camp and it was so much fun," Sawa explained.

Idle Hands may not have been a huge hit at the time, but it did come up against some tough competition. 1999 was easily the most teen-movie-centric year in Hollywood's history, with hit films like American Pie, 10 Things I Hate About You, Cruel Intentions, She's All That, and many more all being released around the same time. However, the movie has become beloved over time, and it's likely a sequel would fair better than the original.

During the interview, Sawa also weighed in on the upcoming Final Destination reboot, and revealed his favorite film in the franchise.

Sawa is currently promoting his new film, The Fanatic, which hits theaters next week. The new thriller was directed by Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst, and follows a man named Moose (John Travolta) who stalks his favorite celebrity, Hunter Dunbar (Sawa).

Stay tuned for more Sawa stories about working with Travolta on The Fanatic, his feud with Macaulay Culkin, and more!


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The Fanatic hits theaters on August 30th, soon followed by a VOD and digital release on September 6th.