Elvira Recommends What to Watch While in Coronavirus Quarantine

As people around the world are quarantining themselves as to prevent the spread of the novel [...]

As people around the world are quarantining themselves as to prevent the spread of the novel coronavirus, movie fans have found themselves with an endless amount of time that they're hoping to occupy with movies, with Elvira herself taking to Twitter to offer some personal recommendations. The Mistress of the Dark, played by Cassandra Peterson, recommends both Misery and Night of the Living Dead for more frightening examples of what it would be like to be stuck in a home, while also reminding fans that it's a great opportunity to revisit her feature-film debut with 1988's Elvira: Mistress of the Dark.

"I'm here to give you some suggestions about what to do when you're sitting at home, bored out of your mind, and you need something to do," Elvira shared on Twitter. "My suggestions are to watch some old, classic horror movies. And these first two come under the heading 'It Could Be Worse.' First one is the fabulous movie from the Stephen King novel Misery. I love this movie so much. Just think about it: you're trapped at home with one other person, in a cabin, at least you don't have a crazy lady there with a sledgehammer, right? Or, I'm assuming you don't. I'm hoping. The other one is the George Romero classic Night of the Living Dead. I love this movie. It is a great movie. You've got seven people this time trapped in a house together and not only do they really start butting up against each other, but they've got flesh-eating corpses outside trying to get in, so it could be worse, right?"

She added, "The third movie does not come under that heading. The third movie is Elvira: Mistress of the Dark and it's just good for a laugh. I'm not pitching this because I get any money, because, believe me, I don't, not a cent. It's just a damn funny movie. I've watched it one billion times and I still laugh. I love that movie."

Peterson isn't the only one who thinks Mistress of the Dark is "damn funny," as fans have been hoping to get a sequel for years. The actress previously shared what she'd like to explore in a follow-up film.

"My movie that I'm working on now, it's kind of like what happens to Elvira after Mistress of the Dark ends," Peterson confirmed to ComicBook.com. "My second movie, Haunted Hills, was going off on a whole different tangent. Just because I was so in love with the old Roger Corman movies growing up as a kid, and I wanted to make another one, it was based on that."

Stay tuned for details on future Elvira projects.

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