Funko Launches 'Pan’s Labyrinth' Pops and Dorbz

We’ve discovered just the thing to place next to the Guillermo del Toro Pop figure in your Funko [...]


We've discovered just the thing to place next to the Guillermo del Toro Pop figure in your Funko collection - these new Pan's Labyrinth Pops! The collection includes Fauno and Pale Man, and a Dorbz version of Fauno has been thrown in for good measure. You can pre-order each of the figures via the link below. Shipping is slated for September:

Pan's Labyrinth Fauno Pop! Vinyl Figure #603
Pan's Labyrinth Pale Man Pop! Vinyl Figure #604
Pan's Labyrinth Fauno Dorbz Vinyl Figure #472

Funko's description of the figures is more elaborate than usual:

"Enter a world of dark fantastical creatures, of famine, feast, and fascism. Better yet, open your front door and welcome the monsters and fairies of Pan's Labyrinth into your home. The Dorbz Fauno will offer compassion and guidance in turbulent times."

"Likewise, the Pop! Horror Fauno might occasionally speak in riddles, but he will ultimately emerge as a force for good. But beware the Pop! Horror Pale Man, who has a penchant for feasting on children and will show no mercy however much you beg."


Getting back to that Guillermo del Toro Funko Pop, it was released earlier this year as part of Funko's The Shape of Water collection.

Indeed, you can now add Amphibian Man and Elisa to your Funko Pop collection along with a figure of Guillermo del Toro himself in the Pop Directors line. The figures are available to pre-order via the links below with shipment slated for September.

The Shape of Water Amphibian Man Glow-in-the-Dark Pop! Vinyl Figure
The Shape of Water Elisa with Broom Pop! Vinyl Figure
Guillermo del Toro Pop! Vinyl Figure


Finally, on a related note, Black Phillip from the horro film The Witch also recently got a Funko Pop figure that you can pre-order right here with shipping slated for August. Own it and you will live deliciously - guaranteed.

If you are unfamiliar with The Witch, you should remedy that right away. It isn't for everyone, but if you get it, you'll find that the film is a highly disturbing horror movie that really sticks with you. Plus - evil goat. The synopsis reads:

"In 1630 New England, panic and despair envelops a farmer, his wife and their children when youngest son Samuel suddenly vanishes. The family blames Thomasin, the oldest daughter who was watching the boy at the time of his disappearance. With suspicion and paranoia mounting, twin siblings Mercy and Jonas suspect Thomasin of witchcraft, testing the clan's faith, loyalty and love to one another."

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