'Goosebumps' Artist Teases New Collaboration With R.L. Stine

For kids in the 1990s, author R.L. Stine's series of Goosebumps books were must-read literature, [...]

For kids in the 1990s, author R.L. Stine's series of Goosebumps books were must-read literature, early introductions to the horror genre for countless young fans. And while Stine's chilling tales themselves were memorable, paired with cover art from illustrator Tim Jacobus, the Goosebumps have achieved a sort of iconic cult-favorite status with nostalgia for days. Now, it sounds like some of that horror magic might be in the works again as it sounds like Jacobus and Stine are teaming up again on a brand new collaboration.

In a recent interview with the Ghoulish Chat podcast (via Bloody Disgusting), Jacobus said that he and Stine are working together again after a decade and a half hiatus.

"R.L. and I haven't done anything together in about 15 years," and I can't tell you too much about it, but we are working together again, Jacobus said. "There's gonna be something he wrote with some of my artwork on the cover. I just recently finished it up. My part is done. My guess is, we're looking at the usual six month turnaround. It'll probably be the Fall. There'll be something there for you to see."

The Goosebumps series comprised of more than 60 installments with the cover art being almost as memorable as the books themselves. While Stine and Jacobus haven't worked together in some years, the artist at one point teased that a series -- called Goosebumps Gold -- had been in the works as follow-up adventures to some of Stine's most memorable stories. However, according to Stine, the books themselves never existed as anything more than just ideas and concepts.

"I can't believe people still bring that up, Goosebumps Gold. I hear about it all the time," Stine shared with ComicBook.com. "Those books never came about. They were never written, they were never anything. And somehow, they're always present somehow."

While those stories never made it to life, one of Stine's other series of books is in the process of heading to the big screen. Fear Street, a series of books Stine did before launching Goosebumps, is getting a trilogy of films.

A new report from The Hollywood Reporter reveals that Leigh Janiak, whose work includes Scream: The TV Series and Panic, will now be directing all three of the films in the trilogy. Janiak was initially brought on to direct the first and third installments, with Alex Ross Perry (Her Smell, Queen of Earth) originally attached to helm the second.

Additionally, the report reveals that Ashley Zuckerman (Designated Survivor, Fear the Walking Dead), Fred Hechinger (Eighth Grade, Alex Strangelove), Jeremy Ford (A Mother's Sacrifice, A.N.T. Farm), and newcomer Julia Rehwald have signed on to the trilogy. They join previously-announced cast members Kiana Madiera, Olivia Welch, and Benjamin Flores Jr.

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