Halloween Kills Answers How Michael Myers Was Caught After 1978 Original Movie

Since 2018's Halloween movie decided to make every other film in the series (besides the 1978 original) no longer canon it resulted in a few questions that...well, needed answering. As fans may recall the ending of John Carpenter's first movie in the series concluded with Michael Myers vanishing into the night after being shot by Dr. Sam Loomis, disappearing among the houses and alleys of Haddonfield and fully achieving Boogeyman status. At the start of the 2018 movie however it becomes clear that he was somehow apprehended after that movie, with other brief allusions to it being made by some characters. Now with Halloween Kills we know what happened. Spoilers below!

The direct sequel to the 2018 Halloween movie begins in medias res with the plot of that film as a drunk Cameron Elam stumbles from the high school dance and finds the body of Deputy Frank Hawkins, previously left for dead by Dr. Ranbir Sartain. In the previous movie Hawkins had made reference to being present the night that Michael Myers was apprehended and in the second scene of the film we get to see just that as an extended flashback to 1978 and what happened immediately after the first movie is shown.

In the scene, a young Deputy Hawkins (played by Me and Earl and the Dying Girl's Thomas Mann) is in pursuit of Myers, losing him as he walks between the Haddonfield homes. Hawkins and another Deputy head to the actual former Myers house to look for the suspect, and naturally that's where he was hiding. As Myers' targets the other deputy, Hawkins attempts to take a shot on The Shape but hits his colleague in the neck instead. While Hawkins stands over his friend and he succumbs to his wounds, a fracas can be heard outside as the entire Haddonfield Sheriff's department descends on Myers who stands on the lawn of his childhood home (in a sequence that mirrors one of the early shots in Carpenter's original film of the six-year-old Myers).

Later still another flashback occurs wherein Hawkins admits to having stopped Doctor Loomis (played by Tom Jones Jr. in the film) from having executed Myers in front of the family home. As a result of his intervention Myers was taken back into custody and returned to Smith's Grove, where he waited for forty years to escape.

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