Halloween Kills Director Reveals How Far Halloween Ends Jumps Into the Future

(WARNING: This Article Contains MAJOR SPOILERS For Halloween Kills!) It's been no secret that Halloween Kills begins right where its predecessor (Halloween 2018) ended. Michael Myers has been trapped in a burning house; Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) and her daughter and granddaughter are headed to the hospital, and the rest of the town of Haddonfield is only slowly becoming aware of the horror and carnage that the "Boogieman" has brought with him once again. However, the events of Halloween Kills make it clear that this second film still takes place on the same Halloween night in 2018, with a cliffhanger that makes it clear this story is far from over. 

So... how far into the future will the third film, Halloween Ends, take us? According to director David Gordon Green: "There is a time jump. It gets back onto a contemporary timeline, so it'll jump four years."

That might be a very surprising answer to a lot of Halloween fans who are just coming out of Halloween Kills. (Final SPOILER Warning!) The ending of Halloween Kills saw the people of Haddonfield, Illinois, band together into a vigilante mob hellbent on killing Michael Myers. Laurie Strode's daughter Karen (Judy Greer) led Michael into the ambush, and Laurie's former babysitting charge, Tommy Doyle (Anthony Michael Hall), led the mob in the attack. Unfortunately for Tommy and the townspeople, Michael Myers' unholy spirit overcomes the pain they inflict, and the mad killer ends up slaughtering everyone in his path - before returning to his childhood home and finishing off Karen Strode. 

(Photo: Universal Pictures)

The final shots of Halloween Kills frame both Michael and Laurie looking out of different windows across Haddonfield, seemingly set for their final showdown - especially when Laurie finally learns of her daughter's death. But David Gordon Green has now revealed that's not going to be the case. 

Behind the scenes, it makes a certain amount of logistical sense for Halloween Ends to bring things back to a real-time setting (the time jump will set the third film in 2022, the year it's released). Halloween Kills pretty much pushed the timeline of a single-night setting as far as it could go (the sun has to come up some time). Instead of trying to dance around the years leading up to - or during - the global pandemic, Halloween Ends could actually mine richer material by re-establishing the Michael Myers lore in a post-pandemic world. 

Halloween Ends is slated to hit theaters on October 14, 2022. 

Source: Collider