'Halloween' Gets an Honest Trailer

The folks from Screen Junkies are at it again with another hilarious Honest Trailer. This time, [...]

The folks from Screen Junkies are at it again with another hilarious Honest Trailer. This time, they've chosen to tackle the 2018 Halloween reboot. The movie may have gotten positive reviews, but that couldn't save it from getting the iconic honest trailer treatment.

"After nine sequels and reboots that ranged from 'meh' [Halloween II] to 'please kill meh' [Halloween Resurrection], only one creative team can restore the Halloween franchise to its former glory: Kenny Powers and the director of Your Highness," the trailer begins.

They are, of course referring to Danny McBride's character from Eastbound & Down and the fact that David Gordon Green directed the 2011 comedy flop. However, there's no denying that the unlikely duo came through and gave us a solid horror flick.

The honest trailer also asks the question: is it a reboot of the original sequel or a new take on H20? We like to think it's a little bit of both, and we're certainly not going to complain about the upgrade from Josh Hartnett to Judy Greer. (Hartnett is a delight, but Judy Greer is Judy Greer.)

They really laid into the "fake out jump scares that end up being something else," for example, when one character jokingly scares another character… which is a mean thing to do in the town of Haddonfield, IL! When edited all together, you realize it happens quite a bit in the movie.

One of the best moments of the parody trailer is when they compare Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) to Sarah Connor from The Terminator franchise. They showed a lot of comparison clips and we can't argue that there are some definite similarities. However, both women are awesome and we could use more characters like them on the big screen.

The trailer's harshest and most hilarious digs were towards the movie's podcasters. Screen Junkies points out how most of their technical decisions did not make much sense and that they were pretty silly for not calling ahead to meet their biggest potential interview. However, the best point comes from the question: why would they make the podcast on the 40th anniversary of the Halloween murders rather than releasing it then? "The true crime podcast about the murder of the true crime podcasters, though? Now that's a season of Serial!"

While they praise the movie's take on female empowerment, they don't hold back on the way the film portrays mental illness, saying the movie implies they all should be "killed or locked away forever." Yikes.

Despite the jabs, the trailer isn't afraid to admit it's the second-best movie in the franchise, even if it earned that title by "doing what the first movie did, again."

A personal favorite moment is when they throw in a classic Judy Greer reference by using her Arrested Development quote, "Okay, Michael, say goodbye to these." The fact that the villain of Halloween is named Michael is, as the Bluths would say, a "freebie."

They ended the trailer with a mind-boggling question: what would the potential sequel to the movie be called? While this movie is titled Halloween just like the original, it's technically the original's sequel, meaning the next movie would actually be a Halloween 3, not a Halloween 2. Considering there's a definite possibility of another movie, we hope Green is mulling this over.

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Halloween is currently available for home viewing.