House of Wax Collector's Edition Blu-ray Full Special Features Announced

Blu-ray producers Scream Factory announced earlier this year that they were honoring the 2005 [...]

Blu-ray producers Scream Factory announced earlier this year that they were honoring the 2005 remake of House of Wax, with the company now revealing the complete list of special features that would be included in the Collector's Edition of House of Wax. In addition to including previously released special features, the new Blu-ray will feature a new transfer of the film along with a handful of all-new interviews with members of the cast and crew. Additionally, Scream Factory will offer a limited edition poster featuring the disc's new cover art. The Collector's Edition of House of Wax hits shelves on July 13th.

Scream Factory describes the film, "Thrills and chills ooze all over you in House Of Wax, from Dark Castle Entertainment and legendary horror producers Joel Silver and Robert Zemeckis (Ghost Ship, House On Haunted Hill). When their car breaks down on a road trip, six college friends are sidetracked into an eerie backwoods town. Curiosity gets the better of them when they are intrigued by its macabre House of Wax. They soon find out that the town is not what it seems, and that they must find their way out before they fall victim to its ghoulishly inventive killers."

The Blu-ray's special features are as follows:

  • NEW 2K Scan Of The Interpositive
  • NEW Die, My Darling – An Interview With Actress Paris Hilton
  • NEW The Tale Of Blake And Paige – An Interview With Actor Robert Ri'chard
  • NEW Organ Grinder – An Interview With Composer John Ottman
  • NEW To Me, They Live And Breathe – An Interview With Makeup Effects Artist Jason Baird
  • B-Roll And Bloopers Video Cast Commentary
  • From Location: Joel Silver Reveals The House Of Wax
  • Wax On: The Design Of House Of Wax
  • The House Built On Wax: The Visual Effects Of House Of Wax
  • Alternate Opening: Jennifer Killed
  • Gag Reel
  • Vintage Interviews With Cast And Crew From The Electronic Press Kit
  • Vintage Featurette
  • Theatrical Trailer

Despite not initially being a major success, co-writer Chad Hayes previously detailed how it has earned renewed interested in recent years.

"There has become a really interesting awareness of House of Wax. It continues to do incredibly well on pay-per-view, or when people want to download it and stuff like that," Hayes expressed to in 2020. "And I think it's one of those just fun movies. When we set out to write these things, we try to write them as a roller coaster ride, so you know when you go to the theater, you're going to get scared. You don't know when. It's like you strap in your seat of the roller coaster, and tick, tick, tick, tick, you're going up to that first big turn or that big drop. And you try to do that in those kinds of films, and it just makes it really fun."

You can head to Amazon or Scream Factory's website to pre-order your copy of House of Wax.

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