IT CHAPTER TWO Director Celebrates Bill Hader’s Emmy Win by Sharing Set Photo

IT CHAPTER TWO was released in theaters earlier this month and saw the addition of an adult cast playing the grow-up versions of everyone's favorite kids from Derry. One of the actors to join the film was Bill Hader, who took over for Finn Wolfhard to play adult Richie Tozier. In addition to being most people's favorite part of the horror film, Hader also recently won his second Emmy for playing the titular role on HBO's Barry. Many people took to the Internet to congratulate Hader, including IT CHAPTER TWO director, Andy Muschietti.

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Pst pst Congratulations for the emmy asshole ❤️ #barry #dancelikepatrickswayze pc: brooke palmer / wb

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"Pst pst Congratulations for the emmy asshole ❤️ #barry #dancelikepatrickswayze pc: brooke palmer / wb," Muschietti wrote.

Multiple people commented on the post to add to the congratulations:

"Yessssss Bill Hader! 👏🏻👏🏻," @mariafrankis replied

"#BillHader should have Instagram, we all empathize with him! Congratulations Bill!! ♥️," @neibolt_street wrote.

"Aww💖," @casielbonada added.

This isn't the first behind-the-scenes photo shared by Muschietti this week. He also took to Instagram to celebrate Stephen King's 72nd birthday. The author responsible for creating IT was more involved in the making of IT CHAPTER TWO than he normally is with his book adaptations, and even made a hilarious cameo appearance in the new film.

So far, IT CHAPTER TWO has been met with mixed reviews, currently standing at 62% on Rotten Tomatoes (although, the audience score is 79%).'s Brandon Davis sums it up succinctly in his IT CHAPTER TWO review - which you can read HERE, or watch in the video above.


IT CHAPTER TWO stars Bill Skarsgård as Pennywise, Jessica Chastain as Beverly Marsh, James McAvoy as Bill Denbrough, Isaiah Mustafa as Mike Hanlon, Bill Hader as Richie Tozier, Andy Bean as Stanley Uris, Jay Ryan as Ben Hanscom, and James Ransone as Eddie Kaspbrak. The young versions of the Losers' Club will also be returning.

IT CHAPTER TWO is now playing in theaters everywhere, and the first two seasons of Barry are currently streaming on HBO.