IT CHAPTER TWO Director Teases Deleted Scenes From the Supercut, Including a Flashback to the 1600s

IT CHAPTER TWO finally hit theaters on Friday and follows everyone’s favorite kids from Derry as [...]

IT CHAPTER TWO finally hit theaters on Friday and follows everyone's favorite kids from Derry as they return home 27 years after the events of IT to face the monster one more time. The new movie features the dynamite addition of an adult cast as well as the return of the kids from the first film, which means there are events in IT CHAPTER TWO that take place during CHAPTER ONE. According to the movie's director, Andy Muschietti, he has decided he wants to do a supercut of the two movies and recently shared the details with Consequence of Sound.

"We call it the supercut," Muschietti explained. "It's very early stage, you know, and we're still discussing the format. It won't be intertwined or anything like the way it's in the book. But it will contain all the scenes that were deleted from both movies for pacing reasons, and we'll hopefully have new material, which is stuff that I haven't shot yet."

"Yes, but it's under discussion," he said of the reshoots. "We're just toiling with the idea with the studio, but we're not there yet. But it would be great. Imagine having, in front of you, the two movies, seeing them as a whole, which is something that I never did — yet — and, you know, recalibrating things and saying, 'Okay, you know what would be great? Seeing Richie flying in the Macroverse. Or whatever.'"

Muschietti also shared the details of a cut sequence that featured the origin of Pennywise:

"There's a scene that we shot that's in the 1600s," he explained. "I decided not to put it in the film because it was a little confusing. You know, the problem is that people sometimes want to know a little more, but if you give them too much, then they're disappointed. It's like a magic trick in a way."

As for the timeline, Muschietti isn't sure when the supercut will come to fruition:

"It's too soon to tell," he added. "Of course, the universe and the cosmology of this story is so rich. Stephen King makes use of that mythology as a catalyst for the story of the Losers and Pennywise, and it really has outstanding events in the past that are so awesome. Like the story of Bob Gray. That's a huge mystery there. Bob Gray, who was the clown, Bob Gray, who became Pennywise. Why? Why did It take this incarnation? How did it happen? There are a lot of questions there. It's very intriguing to me."

You can read the full interview here.

IT CHAPTER TWO is now playing in theaters everywhere.