'IT' Star Chosen Jacobs Joins Stephen King's 'Castle Rock'

The upcoming Castle Rock series will bring together many iconic characters from Stephen King's [...]

The upcoming Castle Rock series will bring together many iconic characters from Stephen King's storylines into one narrative, as well as bring together actors who have previously starred in King adaptations. Chosen Jacobs, who played Mike in last year's IT, has recently joined the cast.

Jacobs isn't the only King alum featured in the cast, with Sissy Spacek, who starred as the titular character in Carrie, and Bill Skarsgard, who starred as Pennywise the Dancing Clown in IT, have all been cast in the series.

The series combines the mythological scale and intimate character storytelling of King's best-loved works, weaving an epic saga of darkness and light, played out on a few square miles of Maine woodland. The fictional Maine town of Castle Rock has figured prominently in King's literary career: Cujo, The Dark Half, IT and Needful Things, as well as novella The Body and numerous short stories such as Rita Hayworth and The Shawshank Redemptionare either set there or contain references to Castle Rock. Castle Rock is an original suspense/thriller — a first-of-its-kind reimagining that explores the themes and worlds uniting the entire King canon, while brushing up against some of his most iconic and beloved stories.

The young actor will star as Wendell Deaver, the son of Henry Deaver, played by André Holland. His character has been described as "a death row attorney with a unique and complicated history in the town."

Skarsgard might not play a character who consumes children's fears, but will be playing "a young man with an unusual legal problem." Most likely, this is what forces his character to cross paths with Henry. King fans will also be excited to know that his character is a prisoner at the iconic Shawshank correctional facility.

Despite the King connection, Skarsgard wanted to remind fans not to expect a character like the one he played in IT.

"The only thing I want to stress is that [Castle Rock is] a completely separate thing than Pennywise and IT," Skarsgard told Rotten Tomatoes. "The world is brand new. It's Stephen King's universe…these are places we've been familiarized with through his work. But the show is an original story in that world. The character is a lot of fun. He's — it's a really weird one. [He's] so different from Pennywise. I'm using a completely different tool set here for this one."

Jacobs and Skarsgard are both set to begin filming the sequel to IT this summer, with Jacobs' involvement in the film being reduced to flashbacks as opposed to playing a central character.

Castle Rock comes to Hulu this summer.

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