'Lore' Series Renewed for Season 2

The Lore podcast's compelling blend of fiction and reality has made it one of the go-to audio [...]

The Lore podcast's compelling blend of fiction and reality has made it one of the go-to audio series for horror fans, resulting in a successful six-episode live-action adaptation on Amazon. Response from fans about the series has been positive enough that Amazon is moving ahead with a new season, which promises all-new levels of historical terrors.

"Customers loved the first season of Lore for its unique blend of narrative and documentary storytelling, and we're excited to give them another season of this suspenseful hybrid series," Heather Schuster, Head of Unscripted, Amazon Originals shared in a statement. "[The Exorcist showrunner] Sean [Crouch] brings great experience in the supernatural genre, and we're excited for him to help us tell even more frightening and visually captivating stories."

Narrated by creator Aaron Mahnke, the haunting six-episode anthology series was brought to life by the executive producer of The Walking Dead and the executive producer of The X-Files. Throughout history, fear was best kept buried. But folklore opens the door, allowing stories to creep inside and haunt us. The scariest stories are true.

"As a fan of documentaries and horror, Lore resonates with me on so many levels," executive producer Gale Anne Hurd explained. "Season two is shaping up to be scarier and even more compelling and unnerving than our first one!"

Whether it be ghosts, vampires, or serial killers, Lore has always shed light on some of the most disturbing legends in history, many of which are rooted in real-life scenarios and responses.

"With Sean Crouch at the helm, Lore is set to be scarier than ever," producers Ben Silverman and Howard T. Owens revealed. "In Season 2, we will explore global, real-life horror stories that make this series unlike anything else on television. We are thrilled to be back on Prime Video."

Actors Robert Patrick, Kristin Bauer van Straten, Adam Goldberg, Holland Roden, Colm Feore, and Campbell Scott starred in the first season.

Mahnke began his podcast in 2015 with 20-30 minute explorations of various myths, which was much shorter in length than many other popular podcasts. Lore might have had a shorter running time but didn't skimp on compelling content, quickly becoming a hit with anyone having an interest in the macabre or perplexed by history.

The series became so successful, in fact, that iTunes gave it a "Best of 2015" award. The following year, both Entertainment Weekly and The Atlantic included it in their lists of best podcasts of 2016.

The first season of Lore is available now on Amazon. Stay tuned for details about Season 2.

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